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A Climate
Tech Catalyst

by DTU
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We are scientists, students and entrepreneurs, who catalyze deep tech science into startups that fight climate change.

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Our Portfolio

Our cases are deep tech inventions with planetary impact potential.

They come from across disciplines and universities, and are all science-based.

Earthbound at DTU
Built by

Technical University of Denmark

To nurture climate tech science all the way to market.

Earthbound Deeptech cases

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new portfolio cases being vetted by Earthbound.

Entrepreneur by heart? Up for the challenge of our time?

With unique access to deep tech science, we speed up the company building of climate-related technologies with proven entrepreneurs. Want to build with us? We frequently have new deep tech cases looking for an entrepreneur.

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We write about deep tech inventions for societies and planet.

The team at Earthbound
November 13, 2023

We are Earthbound: A new Climate Tech Catalyst

To stabilize climate change by 2050, we still need new climate tech solutions on the market, working at scale.We are launching Earthbound to change this.

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Graphics from our visual identity
May 2, 2024

Making the identity for Earthbound

How we came up with the name and identity of Earthbound

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Earthbound Reports 001
December 14, 2023

Earthbound Reports 001: The hard journey from university labs to climate impact.

There is nothing but potential for building new climate ventures from European deep tech science. But… We have a hard time converting potential into reality.

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